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Our Story

Enhancing Love Lives Since 1982 

Woman of the World was started in 1982. In its 30 years there have been hundreds of Consultants that have helped to grow the company to what it is today. In 2012, two of those Consultants purchased the company, and WOW Home Lingerie Parties, LLC was born. Christy Walker and Donna Johnson worked for Woman of the World for 10 years as Consultants. In that time Christy built the largest down line of Consultants in WOW’s history. In addition, Donna held the highest sales record and highest number of parties for several years in a row. As co-owners they each bring these strengths to the company, which has resulted in a new energy and exhilaration. WOW Home Lingerie Parties, LLC has a fresh look with a new logo, website, color catalog, and hostess plan. Christy and Donna are excited and working diligently to make the next 30 years the most successful in the company’s history.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Our philosophy is that all women and couples should have the opportunity to have a safe and fun environment in which to purchase products to “spice up their love life”.


We value the freedom of exploration and education for women as they learn to embrace their sexuality. We believe that when a woman pampers herself she is investing in herself which in turn builds her confidence. A confident woman is a sexy woman who is not afraid to unleash her sexual goddess.


Further, we believe in the sanctity of marriage and our hope is that WOW Home Lingerie products will be used to enhance a relationship, not replace one. Our desire is that when our products are shared with a partner, a special intimacy builds between them that becomes a shared look, a secret code, that only the two of them know.

Our vision is to grow WOW Home lingerie parties in an effort to be a resource to more women and couples. Our immediate goal is to continue to see relationships enriched and enhanced. As the company grows our future goal is to implement programs that open the doors of communication for women and couples. Our heart’s desire is serve our community through our parties and outreach programs.

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