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Product Usage, Safety & Care




Adult toys and novelties are intended to be used as instructed. Do not attempt to utilize these items in other locations not specified for use. 


If you experience any abdominal side effects from using any products, discontinue use immediately. 



For your personal safety, all toys should be properly cleaned and stored after each use.


Never use anal toys for vaginal pleasure without a proper and thorough cleaning. It is ok to use a toy vaginally first, then proceed to anal in the same session, but never anal to vaginal.  Anal toys should always be cleaned after each use, and with a sanitizer product.


Depending on the product, toys can be cleaned using: Soap and Water. For best cleaning, we recommend Mighty Tidy, a spray cleaner designed specifically for adult toys. In some (not all) cases toys are diswasher safe. 



Lubrication should be used with toys, especially with toys that are insertable, couples toys, and toys for him.


Lubrication is important to personal health. To be used for women who are experiencing dryness to individuals and toy usage, a good lubrication is recommended. 


Always check the expiration on the lubrication if store purchased. 


Petroleum jelly is not a lubrication and should not be used personally or with toys. Also, never use baby oil as a lubrication. It is unhealthy for the body. 


Store all toys away from oils, massage oil, body dew, and baby oil. 



Besides using a proper lubrication and cleaning your toys after each use, please complete the following:

Use the same brand of batteries in your toys. Do not mix brands. Fresh batteries will always produce the most optimum vibrations. If you do not use your toys regularly, remove the batteries between each usage to keep the connections from corroding.


Follow all directions included in your purchases if listed on the packaging. 

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